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Looking for answers? You've come to the right place. Get info about membership costs, calendars, events, website access, and how to register and subscribe online for the community of Women About.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the Women About Community about?

The purpose of Women About, Inc. is to empower lesbians to realize their fullest potential…

2.  Women About Guidelines

Women About is a social organization for lesbians to organize or facilitate local events that meet in person to share passions, interests, identities, and activities…

3.  Do events cost money?

If an event requires a fee, you will see that amount on the calendar page of the event…

4.  Does joining cost money?

Women About does not charge to create an account or register on our site. To view the online calendar of events, you must become a member…

5.  How do I become a member?

From the date of purchase, your $15.00 annual fee gives you access to the online calendar, a link to the calendar in PDF format, and other website activities…

6.  How do I renew my membership?

Select Check Subscription History link and click update subscription...

7.  How do I check the status of my membership?

To check the status of your subscription, log in, and select Check Subscription History link...

8.  What if I forget my password or username?

You can always retrieve your password or identification…

9.  How do I add an event to the calendar?

1. Log in. Go to the menu UPCOMING EVENTS, the submenu View Events Calendar...

10. Will I receive an update of events in my mailbox?

As an online subscriber, you'll be sent email updates whenever a new event is added, canceled or changed on the calendar. If you do not wish to receive event updates you can remove yourself from email updates...

11.  Advertising on the Women About's site

We do not currently offer ad space on the Women About site…

12.  Does Women About employ any staff members?

Believe it or not, we have no paid staff. All services to the organization are donated by an amazing group of volunteers…

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Use the community area to start sharing with other members. Connect with and manage friends, groups, your profile, check discussions, and more. From the community page, you can upload photos or videos, and check for announcements, friend invitations, and private messages.

Your Community home page

Express yourself. The home page shows all activity streams by online members. Add a comment or post a thought.

Customize your profile

Tell us about you. You can manage your account details by clicking on profile at the top menu. To manage your email address, password, and other account settings.

Connect with friends

Everybody could use a few friends. Adding friends strengthens the connections inside your community. Members can add friends and accept or decline friend requests. You can also determine who see your post by setting restrictions so that they’re only seen by the people you choose.

Join a Group

Groups bring like-minded members together. Join groups that speak to their passion and interest. Invite others, start discussions or upload photos and videos.

Upload photos and videos

Love sharing photos —you can share or comment on photos. Add photos by clicking Photos in the community toolbar, create an album, then upload photo to it, and save.  Set your privacy privileges so you know who's seeing your photos.

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We take privacy seriously. Our member's information is protected. We allow you to choose your level of privacy on the community page for just about everything. Set it and forget it or modify it later.


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