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There's always something interesting on the calendar… hiking, dancing, camping, movies museums tours, dining out, and lots more. If there's something you want to share, adding an event is easy too. How easy? Well, as easy as ordering take-out pizza — check our help page for tips on how to get started. 


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We're still here.

We've all been readjusting to the "new norm". Redefining what it means to be social again and figuring out how to celebrate our survival from the past months.  If Woman About is to rise like the Phoenix we'll need your help. So, email, text, or call and let us know what events you'd like to participate in this Summer.

Think Summer

If you haven't added an event to the Spring or Summer quarterly or online Spring or Summer calendar, don't hesitate. Add a fun event to the online calendar anytime. If you need help with that – Get it here.

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