How do I add an event to the calendar?

1. Log in. Go to the menu UPCOMING EVENTS, the submenu View Events Calendar.

2. The Month at a View calendar will open.
Select the date you would like your event to start on. The plus sign (+) sign will appear when you roll over the date, select the plus sign (+).

3. A new window will open. Here you will begin to enter all the information about your event.

Certain information will already be entered for you: Event Creator, Category, Access Level, and Published 

Start, End, Duration
. Check that the start date/time and end date/time are correct.  If you aren't sure of the end time select, No specific end time.

new event


 4. Scroll down to see the final areas to complete the event entry. Select No Repeat if the event is only happening one day.
Daily if the event is happening on a specific day (every Tuesday) for a determined time.
Choose Weekly if the event is happening every week for a determined time, etc.

Add your description where it's indicated. Scroll down to add the location of the event, i.e., New York City.
Add your name or the name of the event leader, then an email or phone number for members to contact.

Review your information, then select the submit button. Congratulations you successfully shared an event.
Your entry will appear shortly after it has been reviewed by the calendar administrator. 

new event

You will receive a notification when your event has been reviewed, approved and published.

How do I add an event to the quarterly mailed calendar?

1. Submit your event to the calendar coordinator, Regina. Due dates for quarterly submissions are noted on each online and mailed calendar.

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