Women About

...creating community for lesbians since 1976

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About Us

Co-founder Ellen Dickinson

In February, 1976, Ellen Dickinson, newly out as a lesbian, was quietly relaxing on a park bench in Washington Square Park, when inspiration struck!
She had a vision of a group which would provide an alternative to the lesbian bar scene and give lesbians an opportunity to share their love of nature and the outdoors;
A group that would nurture the spirit of women and create for them a safe community.

Ironically, she found herself drumming up enthusiasm at the Duchess, a popular lesbian bar! And in no time at all, she knew she had struck a chord! Jay Slivka joined forces with Ellen to cofound the group. Not knowing what to expect, Ellen, Jay and three other women, stepped boldly out of the bar scene to organize their new community group called "Hikin' Dykes."

Their very first event was a hike that took place along the Appalachian Trail with just a handful of pioneering women.
Soon after, on February 15, 1976, the first Hikin' Dykes meeting was held with about 10 women who shared that vision with Ellen and Jay. They drew up a schedule of activities and printed it up in a newsletter.

Since then, hundreds of women have come together to enjoy social events with other women. Though our name was changed to better reflect a more diversified range of activities, which include more cultural events for women, Women About continues to provide a safe space for women to come together to enjoy shared interests and common activities. It serves as a valuable alternative to the lesbian bars that were once the only gathering places for women who love other women.

Our Mission

The purpose of Women About, Inc. is to empower lesbian women to realize their fullest potential and to encourage women to reach beyond limitations imposed by self and society. We seek to create a forum in which lesbians can meet, participate in communal activities, and share information, interests and ideas in a supportive environment. The primary method for achieving our objectives shall be through the preparation and distribution of published calendars of member-generated events and activities of a social, cultural or athletic nature. Women About is open to all women who are at least 18 years of age.

Non-profit information

Women About is a non-profit organization that is run by volunteers. We hold quarterly business meetings to schedule events and discuss procedural matters and goals of the organization. All meetings are open to members and non-members. Women About is open to all women who are at least 18 years of age. A calendar of events is published quarterly and sent to our full membership. All of our activities are member-generated. Members organize events and list them in the calendar.
Women About members are encouraged to volunteer two hours each year to the organization.


Women About, Inc. became incorporated in New York State on April 10, 2000. We are classified as a not-for-profit civic organization under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Although we are non-profit, donations to our organization are NOT tax-deductible except under specific circumstances. Consult your accountant regarding deductibility of your donation.

Our Board of Directors currently consists of nine members. Members of the Board are elected at an Annual Board Meeting in December of each year and they can serve for a term of one year or longer. In addition to quarterly business meetings, the Board of Directors holds meetings at least four times a year. All members are welcome to attend Board Meetings and participate in discussions, though they are not eligible to vote on issues. Members are encouraged to attend meetings, participate in discussions and run for positions.
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