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Be sure to subscribe to the event calendar. $15.00 a year will bring you all upcoming event details and more.
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Online calendar
After registering on the site you can purchase a subscription to the online events calendar. Once subscribed you can submit social, cultural and athletic events at anytime to the calendar. All events that are submitted are subject to review before they are posted to the calendar.

To subscribe to the online calendar follow the steps below:
1. To purchase an online subscription, select the menu item "Subscribe Online" on the home page. This will take you to the subscription page. Select a payment option, either 2CO or PayPal. You will be taken to a secure page where you can make a payment of $15.00 for a year of online calendar events access.

2. After you've finalized your subscription you'll be returned to the website. Now you can select the event calendar menu and see all the events available to the membership or add your own event.

To check your yearly subscription status select Subscription History on the home page. If you have a subscription you will see the start dates and end dates for your subscription here. It is also possible to renew your subscrption from this window as well. Select Purchase a Subscrption at the top of the page.

Add an events to the online calendar

How to add an online events
1. Select  Event Calendar in the main or top menu.

2. In the calendar, select Add Event at the top of the calendar or select the plus sign on the day that you would like to add your event to. In the new window, fill in all required fields. Next, add the category "Member Only Events" from the pull down menu. Add your contact information and click the submit button. That's it!
All submission will be reviewed for appropriate content before being posted online.

Add an events from your account page

How to share an upcoming events in your account page 
1. On your account page select the "Events" tab under recent activities.

2. Add a title for your event, select a category, add a date and time and a brief description.
Click the share button to save the event to the site.

share an event 

Certain events are prohibited online and will not be posted:
They are:
Listings that are strictly commercial in nature.
Events that are created to generate money for the benefit of a member or members.
Listings that are in direct opposition to the objectives of Women About's mission.
Listings that contain inflammatory or abusive subject matter.
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